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Are you a tech savvy and would love to start a tech business in Nigeria? Without wasting your time I will be sharing with you 12 technology business ideas in Nigeria that you as a tech person can venture into and make good amount of money.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, here are technology business ideas in Nigeria;


12 Tech Business Ideas in Nigeria





1. Web Designing

With the increase of people and businesses coming online these days, web designers are always looked for by these people and brands to help design their website.

One good thing about this business idea is that, if you are not a train web designer, you can’t do anything concerning designing website. This is just the advantage web designers have. No matter the tools a non-tech person will use to assist, he or she must still look for a web designer to do the finishing job.

Web designing proves to be a profitable tech business because online merchant uses website to sell their product and services. If you don’t have any idea on this business but would like to venture into it, I will suggest you better go enroll in a course now or continue reading.


2. Online Tutoring

Do you like teaching or do you have deep knowledge in a particular subject and would like to get paid to teach someone? Then, you can start an online tutoring business and become an online tutor.

This business involves you having a website of your own where you can start your tutoring business where you teach on a particular course of your choice. There are so many apps and software that can help you in making your online tutoring business easy and successful.


3. Blog/SEO Consulting

Do you have a blog and you are well-knowledgeable about WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr? Do you know you can make money as a consultant to non-tech persons like me?

I remember when I was having issues working on my blog, I contacted a guy who said he is a guru in WordPress blogs and I self-hosted my blog on WordPress. He said for him to tell me a good template to use for my blog that will be mobile and desktop responsive, I have to pay.

We then negotiated that he will help me design the template to suit my taste and also upload my Gravatar image to my blog. I paid him for his knowledge and just for doing something that only took him 30 minutes to do for me.

You can get paid to help people create a blog. I have gotten so many request for that, but I don’t accept the offer but push it to this my WordPress friend to do it for them.

With your wide knowledge in blogging, you make good amount of money if you let people know what you can do for them.


4. Computer Repair and Maintenance

If you have any good knowledge in computer repairs and maintenance, you can open your store where you will be helping computer owners solve their computer problems.


5. Delivering Computer/Software Training

As we advance, the interest of everyone in acquiring knowledge in computer is increasing daily. Why don’t you use your knowledge in computer to make money for yourself?

You can even start this business in school, you can be teaching other student how to use computer at your free time and get paid for it.

If you have a huge capital, you can open a computer training institute and employ staffs to be training your students. They are top giant computer training institute like Nikon, NIIT and others already doing this and you can become the next giant you can never tell.


6. Mobile App Development

All those apps like Snapchat, Imo, Nimbuzz, 2go and others that you are always using on a daily basis, do you know how much those people are making daily too? These people just build an app, made it free and for the general public to download and use and they are making money.

You too can become a millionaire if you can create an app that can help human lives easy. To be successful in this tech business niche, you need to make sure your app is solving a problem. It can be any problem from any niche.


7. Game Building

You spend your time playing Candy Crush, Temple Run, American Sniper etc. these games were built by game developer and the more people download and play the game, the more money these people make.

As the number of downloads increase, these game developers will start pitching top brands to advertise their business on the game. Sometimes, you are mostly asked to purchase coin if you want to arm yourself and pass through a very hard stage right?

If you have love for games and would like to build your own, this is the right time for that. Create a very interesting game people will love and see yourself smile to the bank always.


8. Internet Marketing

This is one area in the tech niche that lots of people who are knowledgeable about digital marketing are making money online from. Internet marketers are hosting online class for a whooping sum of ₦50,000 per participant.

Imagine having just 10 people to participate, which means you will be making ₦500,000 just for that day of the class.

Do you know much about SEO, marketing with YouTube, social media marketing, sales funnel, content marketing? If you know a few of what I just listed, then, you can go into internet marketing and teach others or help online merchant in sky rock their business through internet marketing.

It is a very huge market if you are really good at what you say you can do.


9. Online Store

Nigerians now enjoy the convenience of buying things from the comfort of their home without passing through the stress of going from one store to another.

Many brands are now joining the top league with Konga and Jumia and more are still coming. The rate at which people buys product and services online is now getting close to offline purchases.


10. Car Tracking Devices

Nobody will be happy that after saving to buy their dream car, they get to lose it through theft at the end. This is the reason why most car owners do plant car tracking device on their cars to make sure they can monitor their car if stolen and retrieve it back.

If you are good on installation, maintenance and tracking, you are already in business.


11. Mobile Phone Repairs

This is another tech business idea that student in tertiary institution now are using to take care of themselves in school. Everybody now owns smart phones which is very vulnerable when it falls on the ground.

Some others sometimes forget their unlocking password and end up permanently locking their phone. These and many more are problems associated with smartphone users and you can make money if you can solve all these problems.

As a phone engineer, you can make money from flashing phones, unlocking phones from outside Nigeria, selling phone accessories and repairing phone parts.


12. Tech Freelance Writing

This is the area where you show your skill and knowledge in the tech niche. You can start a freelance writing career as a tech writer and get paid by bloggers that blog on tech niches. You can write reviews on tech products and submit them to bloggers on the niche and get paid for writing.

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