Kizito Okorowu December 29, 2016
publish a book in Nigeria

If you are a Nigerian entrepreneur, then you’ll know that having extra sources of income is one of the surest ways of growing your main business. More than 10 million Nigerians have freelancing jobs that they do. You too can become one of them.

A Freelancer can work from wherever they like and set their own schedules, so it’s a great choice for anyone looking to make a couple of extra thousands of Naira a month. The benefit of freelancing gigs is that they provide you with the much needed cash flow to fuel your main business.

Also, they help you gain valuable skills which you may need at some point in your entrepreneurial journey. Here are viable freelancing businesses you can pursue :


1. Product Design

This is one of the most thriving freelance practice and involves designing products that are easy-to-use and enhances the user experience for websites as well as apps. Developing apps for mobile devices is a booming business where full-time developers make 6 figures comfortably.

One can comfortably earn as much as 200,000 Naira a month designing IT products for companies, organizations and blue chip companies.


2. Graphics Design

Graphic designers basically logos, websites, and visual advertisements for their clients. Companies can hire full- time graphic designers for around half a million annually to manage their sites and other online platforms. One is certain to take home a good amount depending on what they late hired to do or the project to be executed.


3. Writer

This is one of the most popular freelancing gigs. From crafting blog posts to ad copies or writing and editing documents, writers can make anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 Naira per hour.

Ghostwriting is also a lucrative freelancing gig that can make you extra bucks. There are people who don’t have the time to write but would love to have a book in their name. You’re like a midwife of sorts, bringing successfully into life, their ‘baby’.

You can also help transcribe audio documents. You listen to the file sent to you, type it, and send the written document back to the company.

Talented transcribers can easily make 50- 100,000 naira a month.


4. Web Developer

For this, I can’t shout. The growing demand for more companies to get online has made this a major money spinner for those who have web developing skills.

Every business is expected to have a website these days. Even the neighborhood store is online! That’s why more business owners are willing to hire people to build sales pages, landing pages, and other web designs to improve the bottom line.

Even if you don’t have mad coding skills, you can still offer this service if you have some marketing skills and an eye for detail.


5. Social Media Promoter

Like websites, brands are expected to have a presence on social media. Social media marketers are the people in charge of launching social media campaigns.

Social media promoters can make as much as 6 figures annually depending on the jobs to be executed.


6. Photography

Photography is another popular freelancing gig. Just make sure that you have your niche down first. This could range from taking wedding pictures to taking pictures of products, landscapes and what have you.


7. Artist/Animator

There’s a growing demand for freelancers who can draw illustrations for commercials, infographics, or logos. They can easily earn about 5 figures per gig.


8. Video Editor

Many more brands are looking to create video and visual ad contents and there’s a growing need for editors. Good 5 figure deals are up for grabs depending on the individual’s competency.


9. On-Air-Personality

If you’ve been told you have a golden voice then this is for you. There are radio houses springing up daily that need folks to hold down belts for them.

There are also online radio platforms that one can leverage. Let’s not forget other product streams like audio books, program narrators and so on.


10. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual assistant is any online business owner’s darling. You handle everything from organizing emails, managing social media and blog posts, making meeting arrangements, and scheduling same.


11. Content Editors

Content editors are proofreaders who review written documents to make sure that there aren’t any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. You’d make any aspiring author or biographers day, trust me.


12. Research/ Data Analyst

There’s been a lot of talk about big data. Nigeria is now a viable market for analyzing data. Most people and companies don’t have the time to sieve the big information they are faced with and yet they need the information to provide them clarity in their business processes.

That’s where you come-in and analyze the data so that you can help them figure out the trends from the data.

This is one of my favorite pastimes along with writing and content development. The good thing about freelancing as an entrepreneur is that you get to curate clients and partners that will help you in your journey as an entrepreneur. You don’t need an introduction so to say and you can always make an enterprise out of your freelancing gig.

Which of these 12 freelancing gigs would you be trying out anytime soon? Let me know in the comments below :

4 thoughts on “12 Highly Profitable Freelancing Ideas in Nigeria

  1. Hello, Victor.

    I’m glad the on air personality freelance gig appealed to you. Space will not allow me to provide a detailed guide on how you can starting profiting from your voice using the various media available.

    That not withstanding, I’ll provide basics you can easily utilize:

    1) Jingles : this has little or no barrier to entry. You can start doing voice overs for your church event, your friend’s event or anyone willing to allow you use their platform.

    You may not be paid significantly but you’ll sure get credibility an validation that you can convert to cash in the nearest term.

    2) Radio Houses :

    You can get deliberate about making friends in radio houses and find out what it takes to get on-air. Glean as much as you can and value such relationships, pretty soon, you’d be in the know of one opening somewhere and your new found friends can vouch for your delivery.

    If you’re still campus based, starting out from campus radio houses will give you the much needed cred. If you don’t have such, the mass comm department is the next available option. If you’re not campus based, thie later point of this tip doesn’t apply.

    3) Podcasts :

    You can start a podcast (an audio blog). There a couple of communities online you can visit to learn more about podcasting. One of them is the Nigerian Podcast Network.

    Also, you can check up, it’s the fastest growing podcasting platform in Nigeria.

    Having a podcast platform will help you to fine tune your vocal abilities and also get you in the right circles. I’d be glad to do a post on podcasting specifically for you.

    That’s as much as I can share, Vic. We can continue the conversation via mail.


  2. Comment…Good day Mr Kizito, I stumbled on your website from Facebook and decided to check out thr possible freelance jobs that would be befitting and number nine in the list appeals to me. I would appreciate it if you could give me a guide line to the voice jobs… from internet radio to program narration and so on. I have a deeply trained voice with high vocal clarity, coupled with an endearing communication skill. Thanks

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