Okon Joseph December 20, 2016
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They did not believe I could make achieve online success doing what I love but today, here am I sharing some top tips to achieving online business success to Nigerians and anyone that wish to listen.

Venturing into online business is as easy as A B C… but the real problem that arises is, how do I get it to become successful. In a country like Nigeria, there are so many online businesses that are successful but many more out there that are not making any headway.

To achieve online business success is the number one aim of every entrepreneur starting or taking their businesses online. So how do you go about it? How do you achieve maximum success from your online business in Nigeria? Below are some helpful tips to guide you. 



10 Tips to Achieving Online Business Success in Nigeria





1. Choose a Business you are Passionate About

The number one ultimate tip I have to tell you is that, you have to choose an online business that you are passionate about. The only reason I am where I am today in my business is because I am so passionate about my business that nothing can discourage me to want to give up.

The love for your business motivates you to keep working until you get the desired result. Ask yourself; if I stop what I am doing, will I still be happy? If yes, then there is no passion for it, if no, then you can go ahead with it.


2. Get the Right Website

One mistake most entrepreneurs make when starting out their online business in on their website. It is either loaded up with too much graphics or too much design, probably trying to make it stand out or the best out there.

To achieve online business success in Nigeria, it is more important that your website is designed in such a way that visitors can easily find what they are looking for without much stress.


3. Be Discoverable

Another tip to achieving online business success in Nigeria is to ensure your business can be found by search engines. The first place the average Nigerian starts out when searching for products online is search engines.

Hence, it is important to make search engines your friends. Learn how to use searchable keywords when creating content on your blog. Be very active on your various social media networks. So many clients contact me via Facebook and Twitter than my site. For this reason, I make sure I am discoverable.


4. Turn your Visitors to Active Participants

Another tip to making your online business successful in Nigeria is by turning your visitors on your site to active participants. You can do this in several ways. You could provide a medium where they can give feedback, you could add a discussion board/platform where they can add their own topics. This leads to increase in traffic which in turn brings in more customers.


5. Make Social Media your Heartbeat

Nigerians have been known to flood social media more than they read the Bible. Your business is supposed to be ‘active’ on social media as this is one great way to achieve online business success.

I am more active on my social media account most especially Facebook. People want to know who they are dealing with. And you should not make the mistake to use a logo or your business wallpaper as your profile picture. It may push some potential client away.

Use a good picture of yourself, let people know who they are following and reading his post.


6. Use the Quick Response Policy

One other tip to achieving online business success in Nigeria is responding promptly to visitors on your site. As soon as you get a potential customer, or any visitor who sends you an email or a request, it is important to get back or respond to them as soon as possible as most Nigerians are impressed with quick response.


7. Develop Good Marketing Strategies

Online business is not just about having good products or services to sell, it is more about how you market these products or services to your potential customers. An offline business marketing strategy is way different from that of an online business.

Are do you intend to continuously drive traffic to your site or landing page? One important tip to achieving online business success is choosing the right marketing strategy. This includes the use of social media as advert platforms, sending broadcast messages with links to your sites via BBM, WhatsApp and the likes.


8. Target the Small Market

This might seem odd, but it is one great means of making online business success in a country like Nigeria. Dealing with a broad market takes more effort, resources and is always likely to fail. Targeting a small market on the other hand makes you efficient and needs are met on time.

Focusing on a small group of people with similar needs provides you with a better possibility to succeed than when you are targeting a broad market.


9. Make your Site Accessible by Mobile

90% of Nigerians use their mobile phones for surfing the net. If your site is not accessible by mobile phones, or it is one of those that when opened on some smart phones shows only part of the site, you are leaving money on the table and achieving success in your online business in Nigeria would be difficult for you.


10. Learn how to Build Strong Relationship

Don’t just see people as customers coming to buy from you or patronizing your services. Online business success is more than that. It involves you building a strong relationship with your customers or clients.

This is where the principle of my freelance writing business is built upon. Our customer satisfaction is our priority. You can do this by providing them with useful content via your email list or if they are more on your social media following, you can be posting valuable content for their satisfaction.

Hope this help you in your online business venture, I will like to hear your thought via the comment box.

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  1. This is such a useful post!! Thank you for sharing. These are really helpful tips for achieving exact business goal online. These tips are beneficial for those who want to start their own business.

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