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Freelance writing sure gives you the chance to be your own boss. You have control over your working hours, working location, and even wages as a freelancer.

Although, as good as it may sound, freelancing isn’t a bed of roses you just jump into, due to the fact that the freelancing world is highly competitive and you have to stand out if you want to really make a successful career in freelancing.

In this article, you will be educated on the necessary tips to starting a successful freelancing career in Nigeria.


10 Tips for Starting a Freelancing Career in Nigeria


  1. Do Your Research

Making research before going into the marketplace puts you one step ahead in the freelancing world. To be successful in the world of freelancing you need to at least have primary knowledge on who a freelancer is, what freelancers do, and how they do it.

Also, you need to know how big the freelancing world is to help you understand the opportunities and benefits that are lying in store for you. Research also gives you a good head start and helps you avoid the common pitfalls most freelancers make when starting their freelancing career.

For example, through good research, you will understand that as a freelancer you will not want to charge at an hourly rate. According to Linda Formichelli from copyblogger.com, “charging at an hourly rate makes you earn lesser the faster you get”


  1. Choose your Niche and Stick to It

There are a lot of freelancing opportunities out there, content writing, ghost writing, content developing, journalism, blog writing, proof reading etc. To build a successful freelancing career you have to be defined by a niche and be very good at it.

Many freelancers in the Nigeria take on these various opportunities which put a severe workload on them and lead to poor output, they don’t focus and specialize on a certain niche and ignore the rule of “quality over quantity”. To build a successful freelancing career you need to choose your niche and be very good at it.


  1. Build Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is the first thing your client looks at or asks for when making a deal and it is important to make it very professional and presentable. In fact, your portfolio can serve as a sample of how good your writing skills are for your clients.

When building your portfolio, you need to understand that experience matters and it gives you an edge over a large percent of other freelancers aiming to get the same client. Guest blogging and contributing to websites with high authority can be a great way to build that great portfolio that clients will love.


  1. Build Your Social Media Presence

This is very important if you want to succeed in the freelancing world. Just like your portfolio, having a great social media presence can make you get noticed and look more valuable to clients. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great social media platforms for getting the positive exposure you need.

Simply you can start by sharing your samples, motivating and empowering other freelancer and providing other benefits to your followers.

Another great way to improve your presence is by opening a blog. A blog helps you gain exposure and also improve your writing skills, a blog with so many followers also makes you more valuable to clients thereby increasing your earnings and sky rocketing your career. You can build a blog with blogging platforms like blogger.com or wordpress.com.


  1. Choose a Freelancing Platform

If you really want to be successful at freelancing, you need a handful of clients. Freelancing platforms offer a medium for freelancers and clients to meet and provides you an opportunity to meet a lot of potential clients.

Choosing the right freelancing platform is a priority, as one may work best for you and your niche while the other may not. Freelancing platforms such as iwriter.com, freelancer.com etc offer this service with a range of features which are very helpful to freelancers.


  1. Identify Your Ideal Clients

When you begin your freelancing career, you may likely accept every client that comes your way, although you need a handful of clients to have a successful career in freelancing, you need to understand that all clients are not equal.

One responsive client is much more profitable than having 10 unresponsive clients. To get the ideal clients you need a good marketing strategy and to make deals on what works for you, instead of changing your standards each time you get a new client to suit that of the client.


  1. Build a Good Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is what helps you sell and it is one of the biggest secrets of becoming a successful freelancer. As a freelancer in the highly competitive world of freelancing, you must learn the art of selling yourself and making your clients see you as a very experienced, professional and valuable freelancer, this will also help you get your ideal clients and get you the best deals.

Overtime as you gain more experience, you need to improve on your marketing strategy. One way to build a good marketing strategy is to learn from leading freelancers.


  1. Build a Great Relationship with your Clients

Getting the work done perfectly, on time and providing quality content is a great way to create a positive view of yourself from the client, but also you can do much more by creating a personal relationship with your clients which goes beyond just freelancing.

This will help you in making references and also get recommendations from clients whenever needed.


  1. Improve Your Writing Skills

As you gain more experience, your writing skill improves and increases the quality of the content you provide to your clients. But, also at any stage of your freelancing career, you should work to improve your writing skills.

Reading books, taking writing lessons, and submitting your samples to great editors you know for guidance can help you improve your writing skills.


  1. Learn from Other Freelancers

To be successful, you need to move with people who have been successful, people who have been through the ups and downs and have made it. Learning from successful freelancers is a great way to motivate you and also gain more knowledge.

Most successful freelancers will be glad to share tips and secrets which you will need to build a highly successful freelancing career.

Freelancing is a great way to make a steady income but it does not happen overnight. You need to be consistent and provide high-quality content to improve your value and make your stand out in the marketplace.

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