Okon Joseph December 29, 2016
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As Dennis walked out of the room, I could clearly see that look in his eyes, it was the look that said… it is over, I’m never going into this again. It was the thirteenth time he had pitched his business idea to someone, hoping for sponsorship, and for the thirteenth time he had gotten the same response… “it is a really great idea, but with the situation of the country, I cannot invest in this right now.

I looked at Dennis again and it was absolutely clear he had given up. He turned to me and said sadly, “at least I tried”. Are you in a similar situation like Dennis? Are you at that point when you have decided to give up, or throw in the towel?

Have you gotten to that point where you have decided, it is of no use trying anymore? Or you have decided it is no longer worth it or it is never going to work and I cannot just keep trying?

Well, just like I told Dennis my friend, here are ten reasons you should not give up, especially in a country like Nigeria.


  1. You are Still Breathing

As long as you are alive, then you can still try. It is only a dead man who can and should boldly say (that’s if they do talk), It’s over, I have given up. Being alive and well gives you a choice of continuing in what you are doing until you succeed.

  1. There’s Still Something to Try

Another reason not to give up in Nigeria is the fact that there is still some other way to try out that stuff you are trying to do. Even if you have run out of ideas on how to do something you have been failing at after trying several times, research for more ways to do it, there is always one method you have not tried.

So why give up, when you could just get it right by trying this other new method you are yet to try out.

  1. You are Closer than you Think

I had a lecturer who always joked about the fact that when you fail, you are closer to where you are going to, than where you are coming from. I never took that statement seriously, but the day I thought about it carefully, it turned out to be one of the best sayings I have ever heard so far.

When you try something the first time and you fail, you are closer to getting it right because that is one little patch down the road to success that you have overcome, and apart from the fact that you have learnt a method that would not work, you are also one step closer to success and that is another reason not to give up in Nigeria.

  1. Failing is Relevant

That actually looks weird but another reason not to give up in Nigeria especially after you have failed in your previous trials is because failing is actually relevant to your success story. Successful people have had to fail several times before actually succeeding in life.

Look at Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln and me (oh yeah, I have had some pitfalls too), their success story becomes relevant, insightful and encouraging because of the number of times they failed before getting it right.

Failure should strengthen you rather than it being the reason you gave up. Besides when you fail, you save yourself from the trouble of wondering what might have been.

  1. Haters are Waiting for You to do Just That

Another reason not to give up in Nigeria is the fact that there are people out there who are waiting for you to give up, just so they can say, “I knew this would amount to nothing or I told you this would never work out”. Prove them wrong and do not give up

  1. No one Celebrates Mediocrity

Giving up shows you are a mediocre, and of course no one celebrates a mediocre, rather people celebrate success and excellence. Hence if you want to be celebrated, giving up is not an option.

  1. Everything takes Time

Another reason not to give up is the fact that nothing is actually impossible, all it takes is time. So if you are thinking you have spent so much time and seems nothing is working out, do not give up, all it takes is time and soon it will work out.

  1. It was Never Part of the Plan

When you started out on this journey, was giving up part of your plan? I guess not, so why make it a part now? Just because you have had a bit of a rough path doesn’t mean you should give up.

  1. You have won before, you can do it Again

Another reason why you shouldn’t give up is because you have won before and it is possible to do it again. When? You might wonder, remember during your conception? You were the sperm that won out of the millions released, and you are that same champion, so do not give up.

  1. You get to make a Difference

Finally, another reason not to give up in Nigeria is that when you eventually succeed, which you definitely will, you have made a difference in your world, you make an impact in the lives of others and you also serve as an anchor people would look up to.

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