Ogbaragu Michaels October 26, 2016
online market place in Nigeria

An internet marketplace is a marketplace hosted and existing on cyberspace but with real operational characteristics where people can list, buy and sell any items of their choice. It all started with global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and the likes and gladly I’d like to tell you that today, we now have online marketplaces in Nigeria as well which have been operating very effectively and satisfying needs of its aim.

The internet age has afforded us countless opportunities today, many of which were never birthed in thoughts some decades ago. For instance, after the launch of mobile phones and the prepaid and postpaid systems of mobile calling which incurred different tariff plans and call rates for calling different locations around the globe, who ever thought there’d be a time when a Mobile App or mobile apps would emerge with which calls could then be made to anywhere around the global hemisphere with a single fixed call rate? Today, we have the Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO and Skype and a dozen more of these apps which now allow us to call any part of the world as long as there’s internet connection on your phone although some of them do have poor connection services as a result of the average strength of their local internet service providers but then, this is a plus and a great milestone which has been reached within just a few years of the inception of the mother idea of “the internet”.
On the same platform, the internet has afforded us the feasibility of mutual trade of services and material products as well as easy ways of receiving and transferring funds to receiver and from sender. I have compiled a list of 10 marketplaces in Nigeria where you actually can sell your products and get your money with not too much stress.


10 Online Marketplace in Nigeria To Sell Your Products




  • 1. Jumia

Jumia is largely an internationally owned and ran fit. However, it’s still partly Nigerian. Jumia offers trade services on e-commerce. It allows the physical exchange of goods and products in Nigeria through electronic transactions. Jumia can rightly be said to be Nigeria’s no 1 website for e-commerce, little wonder it has and still maintains unprecedented traffic on daily transactions. Launched in 2012 and within just a space of 4 years, Jumia has made over 8 billion Naira funds from trading activities. Other experiences and further research shows that Jumia is the most trusted online merchant platform and the most traded-on e-commerce store in Nigeria.


  • 2. Jiji

Jiji is one of the silent names in the online market place in but a very fast growing platform. Jiji is Nigeria-owned and very reliable as well. It affords a mutual platform where dealers and vendors meet and relate symbiotically. On Jiji, almost every tradeable item can be located, purchased and even sold. So if you’re looking for a couple good online stores or marketplaces to launch online dealership, Jiji should be topping your list.


  • 3. Konga

It’s a verified statement that Konga is currently Nigeria’s 8th most visited website and online store, surpassing the daily visits vanguard and other news portals entertain daily. Konga is the only Nigerian online store that has successfully been ranked close and next to Jumia which is pretty much more internationally owned. Konga’s growth is still amazing and surprising to many. With Konga shopping, vending and all aspects of trading has never been made much easier.


  • 4. Dealdey

Dealdey, yes “Deal-dey” is an online marketplace in Nigeria that has been welcomed by many online merchants as an effective platform for trading online. One of the Nigerian websites launched in 2011 for local businesses. On Dealdey you can find food items, household appliances, furnitures, clothes, gadgets etc and these can also be sold there as well so if you deal on these, there’s obviously a market for you on Dealdey.


  • 5 .OLX Nigeria

This is the most advertised online marketplace in Nigeria and Africa. OLX was even advertised on DSTV when it came up, the reason why it gained massive and overwhelming attention in just a short space of time. The platform is designed to accomodate trades of all kinds, even fairly used items like mobile phones, computers and cars can be sold on OLX for cash. Their website interface actually is very user friendly and this explains why so many people prefer OLX to a couple others in Nigeria. Recently OLX was launched in Ghana too reflecting that they’ve succeeded in building the kind of credibility and base they need to thrive.


  • 6. Vconnect

Not very popular but one of the amazingly structured online marketplaces in Nigeria. Here vconnect actually used to be a business directory website and they really did well as a directory website, but then just recently, they switched and upgraded to e-commerce and ever since, their progress and cyber-effect has been worth a million congrats.


  • 7. Mobofree

Mobofree is one website that deals on mutual understanding, it affords members to trade items directly to buyers in Nigeria and also allows swapping of items, if you have an item you would like to exchange for another, you can swap with someone who has need for it. If you’re a seller and you’d like to trade your items with no overwhelming costs, Mobofree is really worth giving a try.


  • 8. Mystore

Mystore Nigeria is another perfect place to be in as a platform for online trading of products and goods. Largely, mystore is known by many as just a retail store who only sells their products to buyers, but my research reveals that mystore Nigeria also allows you to sell your own products to millions of Nigerian subscribers. Mystore Nigeria is based in Lagos Nigeria and offers nationwide delivery, it also has a branch in South Africa.


  • 9. Kara.ng

Kara is another quite low-profiled but lovable online marketplace in Nigeria. Similar to the many, it affords users the opportunity to buy and sell merchant products at any charge and billing of your choice. It also has a somewhat security interface for buyer and seller security to ensure honesty and reality of dealership.


  • 10. Kaymu

Kaymu another giant in the e-commerce trading system in Nigeria and Ghana. KAYMU has its own products which they market. They have great discounts and regular inexpensive promos. Kaymu also accomodates subscribers trading, that’s to say, their platform also allows you to trade your own stuffs. You can choose to deal on kaymu in two ways. Buy stock from their cheap promos and sell back on their platform as a seller and also sell on other e-commerce sites you’re engaged with, you’d sure be making more profit this way.


2 thoughts on “10 Online Marketplaces in Nigeria To Sell Your Products

  1. Nigeria as a country has been locked out so many times on some of the beneficial online plateforms,. Just look at paypal and the likes of it who can’t give Nigerians the full assess to the service they are offering.

    On Amazon, Ebay and other foreign Ecommerce websites, you have to sweat over charting out and getting your goods down here to talk more of to start selling your goods on those foerign plateforms.

    Thank God Nigerians are creating their own plateforms to anull the effect of this negligence from the outside world.

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