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It is always easy and affordable to own and operate a website or a domain name in Nigeria. The web hosting company incorporates the space where your website files are stored, the traffic to your website and lots of services,email services, FTP access, domain name registration, technical assistance and other web building tools.

Many people always prefer to go for a…..

free web hosting company in Nigeria or a re-seller. This simply shows that you do not know how to compare hosting services and you only resort to checking their prices. I will share with you how you can host your website and things to consider before hosting your website in Nigeria. When you are told it’s free, then know that you have a lot to fear because they may not provide you with technical assistance and they will have a lot of ads posted in your site to take back their money. Remember that there is no such thing as “totally free”. Someone is paying for it and it is probably you but in different approach.  No one likes visiting site with a lot of pops ad in it as it disturbs their comfort and at the end you will be the one it hurts. So, go for a good better web hosting company and I will list some of them in this article.

Technical assistance is always needed from your web host, at least from time to time. When you start working over your web site, you will have many questions and things to know from your web host. When i started this site, my technical assistance report with my host was very nice and friendly and this helps to establish good communication between me and them.




 Four different types of web hosting


1. Shared Web Hosting

This type of web hosting will make your website to be placed serially on the same server with many other websites which are in thousands and all the domain in this server may share a pool of server such as CPU or RAM because the cost is very low.




2. Virtual Server

This type of server  divides into virtual servers and your websites will be hosted on their own dedicated server. User in this server have access to their own virtual space and a better secured hosting. It costs more than shared server.




3. Dedicated Server

This is unlike other hosting servers and it offers a great amount of control over the web server where your website is hosted but the user actually  does not own the server but rents it, controls it and only his website will be hosted in this server.




4. Cloud Hosting

This offers a variety of unlimited traffic to your website. Teams of servers come together and host a group of websites. It allows providers to charge users only for resources consumed by the user rather than a fixed rate. It is reliable and it is decentralized.



Hosting your web in Nigeria requires no specific talent or knowledge as all you need to do is to know what you want and go for a good and reliable web hosting company. I will advice the public to always use a Cpanel in hosting as it allows you to manage different aspects of your web account your self. You will do things like, add, delete , manage your email addresses, change passwords for your account. Do NOT sign up for a host that will make you to call their technical teams anytime you wish to change your password or add an email account or manage your email addresses.


Here are some lists of web hosting company that I can say are reliable in hosting your website in Nigeria:

1. Arvixe
2. dreamhost
3. godaddy
4. hostgator
5. bluehost
6. Ipage

There are many other reliable and good web hosting company that I could not mention and it is left for to to  understand what they offer and how good their service and technical assistance is rated.

Thanks for reading and understanding, its your turn now and if you found this interesting please like the post, share and comment so I can have your thought and ask questions.

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  1. Thanks for this nice piece of info..i hav always thought of creating my own website/blog…pls how do i get started.?hanks

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