Ekemini Ekpo December 30, 2017

If you look at the years gone by, you will see a drastic change in the ways Nigerians save their money. Before the advent of banks, Nigerians saved their monies in an earthen vessel, under their mattresses, under the earth and sometimes, with a wooden box which served as bank at the time. With modernization […]

Ekemini Ekpo December 23, 2017

It is not enough to know that times are hard. You need the know-how on how to get out of hard times and harsh economic conditions. Yes, times are hard in Nigeria, and so is it elsewhere. Amidst the hard times, people still survive. The question, therefore, is, “how?”. That is, how can I survive […]

Ekemini Ekpo December 14, 2017

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and the ATM cards is another way of performing transactions. The ATM offers almost all the features of a real banking system. Every bank owns an ATM either within or out of the banking premises. ATM fraud has since been on the rise. Mostly, you hear almost every day of people […]

Ekemini Ekpo December 14, 2017

You would agree with me that, it is no longer news that sports bet has been a means for people to make money most times the huge amount and other times smaller amounts. Most Nigerians now see sports betting as another means of survival. Students see it as a way of making a small change […]

Ekemini Ekpo December 14, 2017

Everyone who owns a bank account in Nigeria would have at one time or the other had reason to walk into the bank and encountered the long queues. There are times when we often wonder if these banks deliberately make people queue just to patronize them but the indisputable fact remains that even as we […]

Chinedu EzeIfedigbo December 8, 2017

N-Power, a Federal Government empowerment scheme, has warned applicants against fraudsters acting as beneficiaries of the scheme. The scheme announced that no fees or connection will guarantee final selection while advising those swindling participants to desist. In a statement shared on its official Facebook page, the scheme announced that names of fraudster will be released […]

Toluse Francis November 27, 2017

Date Currency Buy (AM) Sell (AM) Buy (PM) Sell (PM) Volatility 27/11/2017 Dollar 360 364 360 364 Low 27/11/2017 Euro 416 427 419 428 Low 27/11/2017 Pounds 470 475 472 479 Low 24/11/2017 Dollar 361 364 361 364 Low 24/11/2017 Euro 420 425 419 425 Low 24/11/2017 Pounds 471 475 470 475 Low 23/11/2017 Dollar […]

Toluse Francis November 22, 2017

President Muhammadu Buhari this week presented the 2018 budget to the National Assembly. Below are a list of stocks, that could likely benefit from the government spending. Stocks in the agriculture sector President Buhari, during his budget presentation speech highlighted his administration’s achievements in the agricultural sector so far and the plans to do more. […]

Toluse Francis November 22, 2017

In its bid to improve the living standard of its host communities, Shell Petroleum Development Commission (SPDC) in a statement released recently said it had spent $29.8million on social investment projects and also awarded 94% of their contracts to indigenous firms in line with the local content initiative of the government. This was valued at […]

Toluse Francis November 22, 2017

The National Bureau of Statistics reported on Monday that Nigeria recorded a Real GDP Growth rate of 1.4% for the 3rd quarter of 2017, solidifying Nigeria’s exit from recession. The report also revises Nigeria’s second quarter GDP to 0.72% from 0.55% previously reported. By all account, things seem to be moving in the right direction, […]

Toluse Francis November 21, 2017

In a notice released to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) today, UACN Plc has announced the opening of its rights issue. 960,432,193 ordinary shares of 50 Kobo each at the offer price of N16 per share on the basis of one (1) new ordinary shares for every two (2) ordinary shares held as at 19 […]

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