Ogbaragu Michaels

fish farming in nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels January 16, 2017

Fish farming in Nigeria which is professionally called Aquaculture is a branch of agriculture where fishes are raised for commercial purposes. Fish farming as one of the very profitable livestock businesses in Nigeria has seen numerous investors who have practically built a career path with this high-profit engagement.

facebook for business
Ogbaragu Michaels January 16, 2017

Launched in 2010, Fiverr has become one of the world’s most leading commercial/trade websites. With an Alexa ranking of 371 and a current estimate of 30 million users from Mobile sources and over 69 million of traffic from desktop users, fiverr has practically dominated the world of intellectual trade.

cattle farming in Nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels December 31, 2016

Cattle farming in Nigeria is a kind of livestock farming which is more concentrated on cattle. Cattle farming is largely synonymous to people of Northern Nigeria and while there are still cattle farmers in other parts of Nigeria, majority of these rearers are still migrated northerners.

cassava farming in Nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels December 29, 2016

Cassava Farming business in in Nigeria is profitable business when you consider the bi products of Cassava and it’s varieties.  In Nigeria, cassava is one of the highest in demand raw farm product used and needed in making many other finished products both for local consumption and global consumption.

yahoo verizon sale
Ogbaragu Michaels December 28, 2016

Many business-minded persons would love to own a website in Nigeria and many do own already. All for the reason of being able to reach more persons with their products and services. However, the advertising charges for websites on Facebook and other professional advertising means might become quite exorbitant for some and as such they do […]

Ogbaragu Michaels December 11, 2016

Recharge card printing in Nigeria has indisputably become one of the fast rising business. Today there are many dealers who are into recharge card printing than there was 5 years ago, you might wonder how it is possible for people to print recharge cards when they do not run telecommunications companies.

wedding planer nigeria event
Ogbaragu Michaels November 3, 2016

Rental businesses are one of the many nice businesses to do as they are gaining gradual attention in Nigeria. Ranging from Car rental services to house rentage to chairs and table rentals to sound equipments rentals and the list is endless.

online market place in Nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels October 26, 2016

An internet marketplace is a marketplace hosted and existing on cyberspace but with real operational characteristics where people can list, buy and sell any items of their choice. It all started with global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and the likes and gladly I’d like to tell you that today, we now have online marketplaces in […]

raise fund in Nigeria
Ogbaragu Michaels October 26, 2016

Yes, in Nigeria, business opportunities abound so much so that if everyone in Nigeria or the majority of persons running up for tertiary education chose rather to invest on start ups and other business opportunities in Nigeria, the economy’s stability and wealth buoyancy would adjust to the most possible positive extent of stabilization within just […]

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