Chinedu Nwaigene

Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

The huge potentials that lies in retail business in Nigeria is enormous and the industry can accommodate lots of categories of retail stores in the business. Starting a retail business in Nigeria can mean profit but it should be as a result of smart business strategy than just to make both ends meet.

Social Media makerting
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

Social media is a great place to market your business whether you sell products or offer services in Nigeria. You can as well market your brand and build your image towards your passion. The benefits of Social medial marketing in Nigeria are enormous.

web design company in Nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

Web Development Company is a very profitable business idea in Nigeria that has long been in vogue but only few people actually understand how to design a professional website for clients. To start a web design business in Nigeria, you have to learn some particular skills and not just for creating a website but knowing […]

Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

About 80% of most online business in Nigeria fails to achieve a milestone due to the common mistakes from the founders/operators of the business. Some of their actions and mistakes they do when  starting a business contributes to their own ills because they lack knowledge or strong will to pursue their dreams.

trust online nigeria business
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

The rise of e-commerce business in Nigeria comes with its challenges and pitfalls facing the business but the future seems very good because of the increasing presence of the citizens on internet as millions of people access internet daily. E commerce industry in Nigeria has shown many hopes for young entrepreneurs who want to seize […]

Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

The rise of technology blogs in Nigeria has been so amazing and have seen a lot valuable information and reviews provided by these tech blogs in Nigeria. It is now easier for Nigerians and Africans to get into current news about technology, gadgets, online technology business and many others thing online as many Nigerian tech […]

market product affiliate nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

Online marketing  in Nigeria has become a huge trend to many companies, who wants to take the advantage of the internet in marketing their business. Online marketing ideas allows you to promote or boost your product and services in the internet at a very cheap cost than the normal traditional advertising strategy many companies has used.

Fashion Nigeria blogs
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

Fashion and beauty blog sites in Nigeria has grown over time with many passionate bloggers who shares there classic fashion, beauty, make-up and styles. The idea of blogging about their unique vie about fashion re-design everything people knew about beauty and has impacted a lot of people who are interested in fashion and beauty.

Laundry dry cleaning Nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

Laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria has become popular and famous among  middle class who patronize the business daily. Most times the people in this business tend to do things exactly as their competitors because they may have learned from them or they wish to be like them. They copy their competitors to the […]

small business website Nigeria
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

Statistics show that 90% of all startups fail. Further, 82% of startups are self-funded, while friends and family help 24% of entrepreneurs stay in business. Most business experts agree that the following reasons for failure are consistently in the top five.

Mistakes to avoid in online business
Chinedu Nwaigene November 8, 2017

There has been many reports on the failure of some Nigeria businesses. Most Nigerian Business fail after 2 or 3 years of start-ups and there is a quote that states, “if you can survive for 5 years, you have survived”. I have come across many Nigerians that gives many reasons why their business has failed […]

company shares Nigerian stock exchange
Chinedu Nwaigene May 10, 2017

IF you want to grow your wealth by way of investments in the Nigerian Stock exchange, one major channel is the stock market. This may seem like common knowledge but it is worthy of note that very few individuals in Nigeria actually understand the intricacies of the stock market and how to start investing in […]

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